Here are just a few of the hundreds of reviews Pole Expo and
Pole Fitness Studio has received

Pole Expo

Pole Expo is a highlight of my year! I’ve gone 3 years in a row and each one gets better and better. I learn so much from the workshops and love that I can bring the work home to practice and feel inspired. Amazing people and community. Huge thanks to Fawnia for making it happen and bringing everyone together. Looking forward to 2017!
— Quinn McCrimmon
Pole Expo completely exceeded my expectations. Such a very positive environment with a number of positive and extremely nice people. My only complaint is the time went so fast. I can’t believe it’s over. I can’t wait til next year. It’s already on my calendar.
— Sheneita Mccall-Stoglin
I love Vegas, I love Pole Expo, definitely the highlight of the year,all those shows, meeting Polers from all over the world and shopping til the credit card burns
— Franzi Giehl
I had an amazing time at Pole Expo! It was well organized, the instructors are fabulous, and the competition was amazing! The Pole Expo team was wonderful at responding to emails and answering my questions. Thanks for putting on a great event, Fawnia!
— Lauren Sarah
Pole expo is so much more then just polers getting together for workshops and buying new clothing. From the moment you arrive there are so many options to play or relax, you can always count on excellent entertainment. One of my favorite things is the relationships everyone is so friendly and encouraging. Hands down Pole Expo is my favorite event of the year.
— Somer Ahonen
Pole Expo has created a place for the pole community to come together and celebrate what we love most. It is an incredible place to market your business along with creating an environment for pole enthusiasts to interact with people from all over the world. The workshops/special seminars are fun, inspiring and educational. If there is one place you plan to be each year, this is a must!
— Summer Mull Vyne
If you are looking for an event where you can come and have workshops with all your favourite pole stars in one weekend.... you just found it! Love Pole Expo. It’s part of my plans every year now!
— Daniel Rosen
I just wanted to write a little something about the Pole Expo at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas NV. I feel if you love to dance or love gymnastics or just love to watch fabulous entertainment, then there is truly no better place to be then the Pole Expo! They have the most gifted instructors the best in the field teaching the most amazing workshops. You will leave fully satisfied with some cool new tricks and moves ready to show off to all your friends. Not only will you enjoy taking an array of classes you will also make some great new friendships from people all around the world who love what you love. In the day after your favorite classes you can do some great shopping anywhere from unique costumes to workout gear that no one will have. Want a Pole? Pole Expo is the best place to buy one! Don’t forget to dress your best because your not going to want to miss out on the Pole Classic competition and Pole showcase at the Hard Rock Theatre. You get to see the new and up coming pole stars compete for the championship, and watch all the pro’s show off their coolest tricks ever! But wait there’s more....LA Pole show is one of the hottest pole shows around and it’s right there at the Expo just for you. And of course the last night get ready to club...hang out and dance the night away but it’s not any old club night... you get to see up close and personal strong outstanding women compete for $10,000 DOLLARS HELLO who wouldn’t want to see that! I’m letting you know that I have been there every year and I enjoy it so much! Thank you Fawnia, for creating the best venue in the world for pole. I’m so happy to be a part of it all. Thank you and I’m looking forward to another wonderful year at 2017 Pole Expo!
— Rebecca Rasmussen
Pole Expo is the most epic annual event that continues to surpass itself each year! It is highly organized with an amazing team and leader offering workshops/seminars to aerialists at every level! Pole Expo is all-encompassing and has something for every taste - exotic, pole fitness, contemporary, acro, burlesque and neo-burlesque and more! Pole Expo unifies our pole community in a way that no other event bringing the best instructors/vendors/performers together in the world-famous Las Vegas — you can’t help but feel all the pole love!
— Michula R. Nunez, Antix Fitness Studio
We have so much fun at Pole Expo ever year. It’s such an amazing event filled with inspiring and jaw-dropping performances, great vendors selling pretty much everything pole and aerial related, and so many workshops that cater to all levels of pole experience. Fawnia and the rest of the Pole Expo team manage to make it better with each new year. Can’t wait for 2017...our fourth time!!!
— Jeff Mercer & Christina Villegas, MercVille productions

Pole Fitness Studio

This was one of the best ideas for my sister’s bachelorette party. The instructor was both supportive and patient. Not only was it fun, but we really learned from it. I would definitely do this again!
— Erin G.
PFS is the best experience I’ve had in years! Love the workout, love my teachers and definitely love Pole Fitness Studio!
— Veronica K.
Great activity for a group of girls in town for a party/ celebration! We all had a ton of fun.
— Michelle W.
I was in Las Vegas for a 10 day vacation. In those 10 days I took 5 classes with Pole Fitness Studio. It was an absolute blast! My instructor was Nikki Sheppard and she was very sweet and patient with me as I had never taken any classes like this before. I highly recommend it for any of my friends visiting the area.
— Lisa C.
I would recommend Pole Fitness -and do recommend them to every bachelorette party I know heading to the Las Vegas area. We were a group of shy, modest upper Midwest girls who were honestly a little worried about the class. Afterwards, we wished we would have booked a longer session as we all loved it. It was the most talked about event of the trip! The instructor was amazing, and she definitely teaches with grace and dignity. I cannot wait to go back to LV as I will definitely be booking another session!
— Shantel Y.
Fun workout and worked muscles I didn’t know I had!
— Jason R.
I tried a pole class on a whim, and I was hooked from the very first lesson!! Being from a small town in the middle of the desert studio choices were limited... Until I read about Pole Expo in Las Vegas, attended it and met Fawnia! A whole new world of dance, art, and inspiration was opened to me! After Expo I was spoiled for what our local studios had to offer. My husband built me a small home studio and I would occasionally venture to Pole Fitness Studio in Las Vegas to take a lesson there.  Oh what I am missing out on is all I could think!  Together with my husband I made the decision to open my own studio.  But I wanted to do it right! I wanted to be trained by the best and model my studio after the best ! So once I felt ready I signed up to test for levels 1-4!  I met some amazing dancers and athletes and could not be happier with the whole experience.  I am deeply thankful to Fawnia not only for the pole skills but for business advice, encouragement, and her endless supply of positive energy!!
— Nadine B.
The Certification Program that Fawnia offers is just what I needed. I feel that I gained more ability, technique, execution and knowledge in teaching pole classes. I highly recommend Fawnia’s Certification Program to anyone that is considering becoming an instructor or opening up their own studio. Thank you so much for all that you passed on through your program.
— Tamara G.
Pole Dancing changed my life in so many ways - especially, when I decided to retire early from teaching elementary school science and open a pole dance studio. It was very risky back then because our industry was still in its infancy. I met Fawnia in 2007 just when I had opened my studio in California. I wanted a solid name that people trusted in our new industry to certify me as an instructor. And so glad I did. Fawnia and the Pole Fitness Studio continue to be a leading force in our industry and I am so glad to be associated with such a positive name/brand.
— Michula R. Nunez, Antix Fitness Studio